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2021  Variable subject pronouns in Persian and Portuguese: the role of age, gender and politeness.  Workshop on Cross-cultural Sociolinguistics: Insights from Asia, Africa, and Latin America.  University of Cologne. (with Aria Adli)

2020   The (In)Coherence of Linguistic Communities. Abralin ao Vivo on-line lecture series. Associação Brasileira de Linguística.

2019    Africans in the New World: Language contact in Latin America.  Sociolinguistic Cocktail Lecture Series.  Universität zu Köln.

2018  Reporting Statistical Results. With Rena Torres Cacoullos. Workshop given at New Ways of Analyzing Variation 47, New York University. New York, NY.

2017  Life and language at the back of the classroom: Linguistic minorities in educational settings.  Public Forum on Linguistic Prejudice, Linguistic Privilege, New York University, March.

2017   Variation and mental representation. Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics, Washington DC, March.

2016   Iconicity and nonlocality as ethnolectal markers: Ethnolects in New York City English. International workshop on new developments in the study of migration and ethnolectal variation. Meertens Instituut, Amsterdam, Netherlands, March.

2016    Escape from New York: The disappearance of the traditional dialect features of New York City English. American Dialect Society Annual Meeting, Washington DC, January.

2015    Constraints, community, coherence: Do sociolects exist?  Australian Linguistic Society Annual Meeting, Sydney, December.

2014    Grammar and use: Order and diversity in language. Colloquium, Department of Linguistics, Memorial University of Newfoundland. March.

2013    Lexical frequency and linguistic variation. Center for Language Science Colloquium Series, Pennsylvania State University, November.

2013    Lexical exceptions and lexical representations: a variationist perspective.  PhonoLAM (Dutch inter-university phonology conference), Meertens Instituut. Netherlands, July.

2011    The grammar of use and the use of grammar.  Conference on System, Usage, and Society.  Freiburg Institute of Advanced Study, Freiburg, Germany. November.